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What is Spiral Dynamics?

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  LIVE in Santa Barbara - The Quest for the Master Code!

Spiral Dynamics, Natural Designs:

Level 1-2 Certification seminars in Santa Barbara!
October 19-24, 2015 with Dr. Don E. Beck

Limited rooms available until October 1, 2015 at The Inn at East Beach
Call Frank or Linda for our special weekly rates,805-965-0546, 800-575-5667 or email for discounted reservations

Optional online synthesis dialogue:  3 weeks immediately following the seminar
registration required by October 1, 2015

software training required IN ADVANCE OF SEMINAR


 Last spring (2014) Dr. Beck provided some fascinating insights, click for a note from Dr. Beck!






Come learn from Dr. Don E. Beck live... followed by a special online Synthesis dialogue! For
registration and hotel information, see the links below.....

Fine tune your understanding of spiral dynamics and focus on your special 
projects in the three-week online dialogue that follows SDi Level 1-2, only $400!
Dr. Beck reviews all final synthesis papers. The complete Level 1-2 and Synthesis
modules are eligible for 5 units of graduate credit at Adizes Graduate School.
Taught by Level 2 presentor, Darrell Gooden (see below).

Participants are saying:
Contact and Registration Information:

    Seminar Reservations:        Click for ONLINE REGISTRATION
    Inquiries by Email:                Contact
    Telephone Inquiries:             Call 971-246-5057 M-F 9-5 Pacific Time
    Graduate School:                 Contact or click here for an Application.

Did you know? Seminar expenses (including meals and lodging) for business related seminars may be 100% tax deductible to the corporation (your business or employer) and may not be included as part of your income. Check with your tax advisor!

Dates:     Level 1 - Monday - Tuesday, 9AM - 5PM, Wednesday 9AM - 1PM
             Level 2 - Thursday - Saturday 9AM - 5PM
As above. We start and end on time!

Level One: $995 USD    Level Two: $850 USD     Both: $1650 USD

Online:     Three-week Synthesis Dialogue online: $400

Student/Teacher/Senior discount:
$525 per session (total $1050) Ask us for a discount code

Small Group Discount: if 3 attend, the fourth is free
This amounts to a 25% discount for small groups.
Ask us for a discount code.

Format:    Get Level 1-2 Certification in live, interactive seminars with music, videos, self-testing materials, individual and group activities. These activities provide participants with the feeling of moving through the  expressions of each of the first six value systems of the spiral experientially. Breakfast foods, snacks and beverages are provided daily. Lunch is provided on each full-day session. For more details on the seminar content... see below...


Elza Maalouf is an Arab-American attorney and organizational consultant working in several countries. Elza is an expert in using spiral dynamics in organizational settings and works with Dr. Beck as an agent of change and an educator in Israel and Palestine. Her husband, Said Dawlabani presents the historyElza-2sm2w of the current economic crisis seen through the lens of Spiral Dynamics theory. 


Darrell-smThe SDi Level 2 seminar features Darrell Gooden, shown below at left. Darrell is an AGS Ph.D. student integrating Spiral Dynamics and Adizes methodology in the development of a model for managing change in very large organizations, and particularly in bureaucratic systems. Darrell provides a two hour presentation describing how he has integrated Spiral Dynamics and Adizes methods in his career in the military. Darrell has been approved by Dr. Beck to teach the three-week synthesis dialogue following the live Spiral Dynamics seminars.

Below (from left): Cherie Beck interprets the results of online scans that attendees complete prior to the seminar; Ben Levi prepares a group assessment demonstration; and Darrell Gooden introduces the Adizes lifecycle theory. Second row: Marilyn Hamilton teaches spiral dynamics meshed with integral city planning in Canada; Sunil Dovedy, Senior Adizes Associate teaching the conceptual foundations of Adizes; Dr. Don Beck and Dr. Ichak Adizes give a joint presentation.

  Cherie-sm   Don+Ben-smw P1150891-2w


Spiral Dynamics Integral Level 1-2 seminar - what is it like?

Below, Don demonstrates changing communication strategies and hierarchies as different value systems emerge within the First Tier of the Spiral. Red, blue and green communication structures are illustrated in the photos below. This experiential process takes place during the Level 1 training. 


yellow-glasses-smwIn Level 1, the group gets a glimpse of the colorful world of Second Tier (yellow).  We learn how this value system is able to recognize and accept the values of each of the First Tier systems, understanding how each system in its healthy manifestation contributes to the health of the Spiral. yellow-glasses-sm03      

Don introduces the value based individual interests through a role-playing script, below left.. and in Level 2 at right, Don provides his slant on the Middle East...

             front-o-class-sm02       Don's-slant-sm02

Below in Level 2, we separate into groups to analyze a case study challenge as an experiential learning exercise with regard to the complexity involved in large-scale applications.DSCF4882sm

Below, a lively exercise where individuals debate a controversial subject by impromptu role-playing within a specific memetic value system of their choice. In 2010-11 we also used this format to walk the spiral map of our life's path.


Sometimes in Level 2, small groups meet to work on specific projects important to the participants - both indoors and outside in the beautiful Santa Barbara sunshine. Group presentations are always full of insight on the complexities of applying spiral concepts in a specific context.

outside-grp2-w02         outside-grp-w02

Below, a participant sculpts a meme-creature during a break using clay Dr. Beck provided for fun.

Location, location, location?

Our hotel is just a few steps from the beach in downtown Santa Barbara.

Our Fall Seminar will be hosted at the Adizes Graduate School headquarters
south of Santa Barbara in Carpinteria, California!

We will send local information for travelers and maps via email once you have made your reservation. Contact Click here to register!

Hotel Information:   Book your room early!

NOTE that our room block is not held until the last minute. Santa Barbara is a resort destination and the hotels book up very quickly, especially on the weekends! The seminar is held 15 minutes south in Carpinteria at the Adizes Graduate School headquarters. If you need help with carpooling, let us know.

The Inn at East Beach
1029 Orilla del Mar
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Call Frank or Linda for our special weekly rates, about $100/night including breakfast and numerous amenities (see below!). Call 805-965-0546, 800-575-5667 or email for discounted reservations - do NOT use the website.
The Inn provides beautiful professionally decorated rooms, a continental breakfast with fresh baked goods, cereal, boiled eggs, juice, milk and coffee. There are ironing boards, hair dryers, and toiletries in every room, and local newspapers available daily.  We are just a few steps from the Pacific Ocean shore, practically across the street! 

The LAX airport shuttle and the Electric Trolley (only 25 cents to the Wharf and downtown Santa Barbara) - both stop across the street. The Hyatt Mar Monte hotel provides high quality room service, and the East Beach Grill opens on the sand for early risers.

Santa Barbara is a true resort destination in Southern California. Dining, activities, touring, and entertainment suggestions are available - just ask Frank (right) at the Inn at East Beach!

winston2-smLeft, Don's puppy "sniffs out orange".... just a little joke... 

Click here for a Graduate School Application

Where can I find more information? Click here to learn: What is Spiral Dynamics?  


Contact and Registration Information:

  • Seminar Reservations:        ONLINE REGISTRATION ... contact Demelza at
    Inquiries by Email:                Contact
    Telephone Inquiries:             Call 971-246-5057
    Graduate School:                 Contact or click here for an Application.

Why Should I Attend?

DSCF4604s02A Day-by-Day Agenda is provided in the Level 1 and Level 2 Manuals.

Course Content and Objectives

We will track the history and emergence of Spiral  Dynamics including the theoretical underpinnings of Clare W. Graves research methodology and the early applications of  his seminal work. The Level 1 seminar will provide an experiential exploration of the eight value systems  identified by the Spiral Dynamics bio-psycho -social model.  This is the  first major paradigm of the 21st Century to offer insight in such areas as geopolitics, economics, religion, the arts,  coaching and counseling, organizational design, education, health care,  and other clearly identifiable manifestations of the social value systems  existing in the world today.

In Level 1 we will see how these living  systems emerge and evolve, their healthy and unhealthy expressions  demonstrated experientially by music, cartoons, and films. Participants will gain insight into the nature of conflict, change, and healing. By the end of this seminar, participants will understand why conflicts and social ills still exist in hot  spots around the world after years of effort to resolve them; and how to communicate with and align people, processes and purpose in order to facilitate healthy change and social evolution through natural design.

Each participant will receive manuals full of articles, charts of key Spiral Dynamics constructs and other information. Each will complete a  full battery of research instruments, which may also be useful in their  own profession. Further, in Level 2 workshops, participants will be challenged to develop applications of the theory in their own area of  interest. A feature of the course will be a demonstration of the interrelationships of Spiral Dynamics with the Life Cycle theory of  Ichak Adizes, System Dynamics and Constellation theory from Bert Hellinger, as well as a number of other approaches. We may use the "Live Wire" technology to interview several of the outstanding contributors to this emerging paradigm, both in the United States and elsewhere.

Following the six days of instruction in Santa Barbara, participants are invited to join three weeks of online dialogue to further fine tune their understanding and applications of Spiral Dynamics. A selection of the PowerPoint slides shown during the seminar, including the Spiral Dynamics Training Wheels, are provided to participants on completion of a Course Evaluation Form.


All participants will gain insight into creating natural design  structures for organizations, development initiatives, and to facilitate change in individuals, organizations and societal contexts.

Organizational consultants,  life coaches, and agents of change in the profit or non-profit sectors  will find the insights and strategies delivered in this course of significant value and benefit in their profession. Individuals wishing to integrate their own strategies into a coherent  framework for management purposes will find Spiral Dynamics to be a  scaffolding within which other management strategies can function very effectively.

University lecturers working or teaching in cross cultural contexts, planning to  consult, or wishing to enrich their ability to communicate with a  variety of stake-holders will gainĀ  significant insights into the closely held value systems that require specific communication strategies.

Managers at all levels of an organization, particularly chief executives and Human ResourceĀ  managers, will gain knowledge of how to align people within the  organization with each other, as well as with departmental objectives and the overarching organizational vision and mission. They will better understand how to create a culture that reflects the organizations internal and external stake-holders.

The course will include both lecture and group work, demonstrate applications with real world examples, and provide  experiential multimedia presentations - music, film, cartoons, slides - to facilitate learning.

When using Spiral Dynamics, you:

    o communicate with people in ways they understand best on their terms, not yours.
    o motivate people in ways that matter to them, at this time, in this place.
    o construct organizations that align the work to be done, the people doing it,
         the management style that fits those people, and technologies that apply naturally
    o design natural systems within a coherent framework.

Spiral Dynamics can be applied to:

  • o understand why medicine cannot prevent the spread of HIV
    o understand why global crises, such as  terrorism, exist and resist diplomacy,
    o integrate and align the efforts of stake-holders in complex global hot spots
    o integrate and align the efforts of stake-holders within organizations, and with regard to economic and social development  issues 

Spiral Dynamics answers questions like:

    o IF it is time for change, then FROM what TO what?
    o WHY and HOW do values  arise and spread?
    o WHAT is the nature of change?
    o HOW should who lead whom to do what for which people living where, and when?
    o WHY do people respond to different ways of communicating?


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