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Are You Ready for Distance Learning?
updated 8-22-06

Benefits of online programming:

  • By choosing technology-based learning, you are stepping into the future of communication, global thought and international enterprise.
  • By selecting a true online course of study, you will circumvent driving time, traffic, parking, and the residency requirements of many distance programs. Yet, Adizes Graduate School (AGS) offers opportunities to meet face-to-face in beautiful Santa Barbara, California..
  • AGS does not offer 'canned' content; classes are facilitated by actively engaged faculty and syllabi are updated each time a course is taught based on ongoing feedback from students, faculty, and administration.
  • Courses are not 'rote' learning. Dialogue with your peers is expected. Innovative collaborative activities facilitate interaction while enabling students to focus on their own unique context for hands-on applications. You will benefit from interaction with globally based professionals with varied experiences and expertise to share.
  • Students enjoy small classes, personal focus, in-depth feedback, and flexibility in accessing your courses during the hours most comfortable for you within a flexible weekly schedule. This is not a weekend program.

Ask Yourself: Have you delayed your goals before, and if so, are you prepared to make the commitment to your future now? If so, begin your personal preparations below......

Personal Preparation - Read a quick overview of The Norms of Working Online. By self-reflection, you will gain insight into your personal strengths, and you will learn how other students and faculty may communicate or work differently. You will be able to circumvent issues that could block your success. You can try the tools below at any time or do them in the context of your Application for Admission to Graduate School.

Try at least two of these tools while writing your Self Assessment for your Graduate School Application. The Building Excellence tool is required.

Preparatory Tools for Self-Reflection

There are both FREE and Fee Based tools below. Note those Recommended by Faculty or Staff. Some fee based sites provide a lot of helpful information for only $10-15USD. If you wish to find the equivalent of the U.S. Dollar amounts to other currencies, please use the Currency Converter.

FEE BASED TOOLS, developed by researchers (in order by cost in U.S. Dollars)

Building Excellence REQUIRED ....The Learning Individual® $5.00 (BE®) (2000 Dunn & Rundle) This unique quiz provokes thought for setting up your home environment, and it also covers several different areas related to your personal styles and preferences -  it covers a lot of ground for a minimal price and is an excellent tool for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Go the website and click on the giant "BE", you may need to email them and report your affiliation with Adizes Graduate School to get your password.

Dynamic Thinking: Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (The 4-MAT System)   $65 (2002)

Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.:  The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator  $99 (2002)

FREE TOOLS, developed by researchers (in no special order):

University of South Africa, Bureau for Student Counseling and Career Development: Study Process Questionnaire. The SPQ can help you discover problem areas in the way you study. You will need to be honest with yourself in order to benefit from this 70 question test. Relevant study skills and suggestions are provided when you are done. (2001 Biggs)

Resource Community: Multiple Intelligence Inventory (in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish); the Stencil Stacking Inventory (Metacognition); and the Thinking Styles Inventory.  MII and TSI ask a series of thought-provoking questions that categorize your preferred learning styles (the MII), and work/task orientation (TSI) with some analysis. The stencil quiz identifies whether you reflect upon mistakes and learn from them. You do not need to enter a 'user number' at the top of the page, taken anonymously, about 20 minutes each.  (Gardner, Sternberg-Wagner and others)

Advisor Team:  Keirsey Temperament Sorter II   " . . . fun, interesting, and revealing questionnaire that tells you if you're an Artisan, Guardian, Rational or Idealist. This is the same test used in career development programs at Fortune 500 companies and in counseling centers and career placement centers at major universities." This test has 70 questions and takes about 10 minutes. It also gives four primary Meyers-Briggs results which can be reviewed on the web. You will be contacted to see if you would like further in-depth analysis for $29. Recommended by faculty . (2002 Kiersey)

North Carolina State University: Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire This 44 question quiz requires some thought. The site will provide descriptions for each portion of the learning style graph and relate your scores to general concepts to assist your self awareness. (1999 Felder-Silverman)

Institute for Learning Styles Research:  Perceptual Modality Preference Survey   This simple, quick quiz helps you think about your personal preferences for learning. Click 'cancel' when asked to send results to ILSR. Do you learn better from visual components, listening to a lecture, working on a project hands-on, etc? (MMPALT III, 2001 Russell, Cherry, Gilley , Schaiper)

Gallup StrengthsFinder, need to buy the book to use the online tool, available on Amazon. (2000 The Gallup Organization)

The Center for New Discoveries in Learning:  Personal Learning Styles Inventory    Not a very educational site, but the test is free. It is $14.95 to get an answer key which may provide more insight. (2002 Wyman)

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