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Application Deadline for Fall 2015: July 10
Enrollment Deadline for continuing students: August 13

Application Deadline for Winter 2015-16: October 1
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Spiral Dynamics Level 1-2 Certification
Next Santa Barbara Certification Seminar: October 19-24, 2015
A limited number of rooms are on hold until October 1, 2015
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SDi Optional: Join a 3-week synthesis session online after the seminar!
Registration deadline: October 1, 2015
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Adizes Graduate School (AGS) - Because we function in the context of enterprise and organizations, transformation of our businesses and institutions is essential to socio-cultural evolution and sustainability. As one of our students said, "The world is in a deep state of need and only through transforming the business world can our social and environmental problems be solved."

AGS offers unique, flexible, interdisciplinary degree programs (Certificates, Masters, Doctorates and PhDs online) with a focus on understanding and managing change and transformation. Programs provide an opportunity for integral study in terms of change management, sustainability, complexity, leadership, organizational management and managing change in complex systems. The online degrees focus on sustainability and cross-disciplinary applications. Transformational change management methods are intended for use on many levels - with individuals, organizations, and society. Take a class, or earn your PhD degree online!

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All courses can be completed online in small classrooms of no more than 10 students per group.
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Core Programming:

lifecycle-spiral-vert0202The Adizes Methodology:  
For over 30 years, the Methodology has been recognized 
as a cutting-edge structured system for managing 
accelerated organizational change.  At the heart is the 
fundamental principle that organizations - like living 
organisms, have a natural lifecycle: they will exhibit 
predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as they 
grow and age. At each new stage of development, they 
face a unique set of challenges. How well or poorly 
these challenges are addressed and necessary changes 
made, ultimately determines the sustainability of 
the organization. Dr. Adizes has received five (6)
international honorary doctorates for his work.
Spiral Dynamics:  
Spiral Dynamics is an evolutionary-based framework that 
provides scaffolding upon which numerous other theories 
of management, leadership, motivation, organizational 
design, communication, and social change can either be 
built or integrated. It maps out specific strategies and 
tactics for the meshing of healthy systems and 
demonstrates the root causes of - and solutions to - 
unhealthy change in societal, organizational, and 
personal evolution. Spiral Dynamics provides a way of
understanding the awakening and migration of ideas. 
It offers an integral context for thinking in terms of 
sustainability, sequences, systems, and life cycles.


  • There is no application fee or software to install
  • There are six-week breaks between terms for catching up with family and friends
  • The Masters or online Ph.D. can be completed in as little as 3 years
  • We offer limited financial aid on a per-term basis.
  • Earn your PhD degree online! Why wait?

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Ph.D. Student Quote:
You've created a wonderful "gestalt" of contents with many connections to the processes of change and transformation.  I had the feeling of holding a kaleidoscope and becoming addicted to its different forms, components, colors, movements ... Processing this provided an excellent challenge - to combine experience, research and thought. It was an amazing experience that gave me an opportunity to focus, as well as to develop new insights.
- Atalia Or, Consultant

Ph.D. Student Quote:
The readings really stretched our comprehension, the variety was just great, many new concepts introduced. The insight and contribution of each student really enhanced the learning process. By examining how to make this knowledge actionable, I could easily make the connection to my institution and the wider systems in which we operate at SIAST.
- G. Sarkar,
Academic Director - Planning, Research and Development.
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology.

Ph.D. Student Quote:
In preparation for class, I am reading some books in advance. The first book has changed my way of viewing things totally. The second, I should say that after all these years it is the first time that I feel that I understand where human resistance to change actually comes from. It is also the first time that I feel that I see why - from all the available options at any given time - only just a few are visible to people. I am now looking forward to discovering my immunities and change myself again towards becoming a self transforming mind. - G. Karadimas, General Manager, ADT AGIS Fire & Security, Greece.


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